Online Media Kit why it is important for your business



If you’re looking for a way to launch a public relations campaign, look no further than the Online Media Kit.

Creating an online media kit allows both prospects and the media a chance to discover “behind-the-scenes” information about you and your small business.

In addition, media kits make it virtually painless for journalists, event hosts, radio show producers and bloggers to contact you in order to highlight you and your small business. Plus, it showcases the fact that you are media-friendly, and even more importantly, media-savvy.

Your media kit should be kept on its own separate page on your website. Many small business owners call the page Media, Press or Media Kit. In addition, choose file formats that work on multiple platforms, browsers and computers (i.e. PDF files).

There are generally six main components of a well-crafted media kit:

1. Company overview

Provide important information about your company including when your company was founded, a concise description of your company, your mission statement, guiding principles and contact information.

2. Overview of your products and/or services.

Supply a short overview of your products and/or services. Include clickable links to sales pages for additional information.

3. Current press releases

Publish current press releases so that visitors can track the growth of your company over time.

4. Personal fact-sheet

Include your title, personal bio (including a long and short bio) and sample photos (optimized for both the internet and print).

5. List of suggested questions

Supply journalists, radio show hosts, writers and publishers a list of suggested questions that they can ask you related to your small business. It’s always a good idea to help make a prospective interview as painless as possible.

6. Links to media mentions and/or press appearances

As your small business begins to receive media coverage, publish these mentions and/or appearances to provide additional credibility for your small business.

Remember that all components of your media kit should be brief, interesting and compelling making it simple for the media to showcase your small business.

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